Jenn (bloodlesssoul) wrote,

you know you shouldnt drink when

you get stabbed in a burger king parking lot. no it wasn't me, but i was working saturday night when it happened. it was about ten mins after close and mike said he thought some kids were banging on the windows. then we realized there was blood all over one of the windows.

irony of ironies, the police were actually in our parking lot at the time, and across the street at the middle school setting up a speed trap. the unmarked car in our lot was on the otherside of the building.

the guy who was stabbed is fine. it turns out that he is the stepbrother of one of my coworkers. the stepbrother and his friend had been drinking hardcore and one stabbed the other. now i drink with my friends on occassion, and i get drunk with some of them, but i have never had the idea of "you know what'd be fun right about now? stabbing you." but then, i'm an odd duck.

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