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vacation wrap up

my trip to maine is winding down. in a bit more than 24 hours i will be heading back to pa.

the trip started lovely. i spent two days with zac and husband in lancaster, wandering around the city, venturing into random shops and partying with their/our friends.

i left from harrisburg at 6am (harsh) and hit every state sans vermont on the way up. the weather wasn't too bad so i made it to portland only about half an hour behind schedule.

it was cool to be home this year. christmas eve was my cousin riley's first birthday. he's the cutest thing ever. and pretty well behaved for only a year. christmas with the mckenna clan was awesome as always. lots of aunts and cousins and crazy.

ben was adorable as always, and happy to see me. happy to have someone that he can play with. apparently my brother elects not to play fetch with the dog. odd.

i also became more addicted to house.

tomorrow i pack and head out to spend one more day in lancaster before heading back to my regularly scheduled life in danville. which will now include two jobs. huzzah.
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Hypothetical question: Say you were running a company. And you had a personal/friendly relationship with most of your employees, both past and current. Say you had two female employees, one is no longer employed there due to issues with an abusive boyfriend. The second employee still works there and has climbed the ranks from crew to management but had a previous issue with a peeping tom/stalker, coincidentally, the same man who was the abusive boyfriend to the other employee. If you still follow, would you hire that man? Apparently the people who run where I work will, and did.

I remember this man and I still do not like him. However I am expected to “play nice” and am being assured that there will be no issues. Ha. I promised civility, if nothing else. Then I closed with him last night.

The man does not speak. He can, but doesn’t. He worked with Crazy Lady (whom, until this hiring, I was on somewhat good terms with for a change) in Buckhorn forever ago and so she is solely responsible for his being hired. I could kill her, or him. He doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. I am sorry, but my job is not rocket science. It’s making food. It’s like riding the proverbial bicycle, and yet it doesn’t compute for him. And when you tell him to do something he just stares at you. Example: We had been dead for over two hours, it was 15 minutes until close. “You can do the fry bin now.” He stares, doesn’t say anything, doesn’t move.” Having already reached my quota of crazy, I gave up and went back to stocking the coolers and sauces. Ten minutes later the fry bin wasn’t started and he still hadn’t moved.

I don’t understand how someone who doesn’t need to be trained can be so completely useless. Congratulations, you join the ranks of the other buffoons that I can‘t tolerate. High five!

And also on the topic of annoyances. I am overtly aggravated that someone totally abused my hospitality and stole things from me while they were staying with me. Next time, you can sleep on the street, if I don’t kill you first. And by the ps, thanks for stealing odd things…and eating most of the groceries I had just gotten. Because I make so much money and things are easily replaced.
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the lists

the lists
some of the things i dreamed about this week:
shoe shopping

things that have annoyed me this week:
flaming incompetance
closeted men
the resident bitch calling the resident lesbian a "fucking cunt licker" (admittedly the ensuing chaos was enjoyable)
being told that my taste in music sucks (i dont fucking think so)
the fact that michael jackson has had a million nose jobs, but his FAKE cleft chin is STILL UNEVEN!!

things i have enjoyed this week:
battles of wit
2 hour convo with my sister
getting my tickets to see my family
dinner with jarad's family and the continuing saga of what color the wall should be painted

things i should not be able to get away with saying at work, to a manager, (but do):
no, have one of the other idiots do it
i fucking hate this place, i hope it burns
i don't care if nuclear war breaks out, i'm leaving at 7
thanks for leaving me stranded, douchebag
how about people start taking their mydol BEFORE coming to work?
as long as i take my hat and name tag off i can kill fellow employees right?

quotes i have enjoyed this week:
"basically the only qualifications that palin has to be mccain's vp, is the fact that she hasn't had an abortion, awesome."
"she keeps asking me why i can't be a lesbian and i keep asking her why she can't have boy parts, admittedly, my demands are easier to fix"
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I'm no racist, but you're a d-bag.

I don't know why, but all the rude people on the planet came out to play yesterday. It was horrible, I had rude customer after rude customer. I was polite as I could possibly be, until one man took the cake.

This guy came in eating a bag of chips, had his gf pay for all his food, and just sat there mumbling shit. Then I took the order of the guy that was with them, I believe his name was Mr. I'm-White-But-Think-I'm-Black, but he goes by the nickname of wigga. (For short.) So I took Sir Confused's order and was walking over to get his tray and he gets all snotty with me, "Um, how about my cup?" Well I have to get to the cups first genius. Then he didn't even apologize. But considering what was coming, it was minor.

His friend comes over, and he goes "Are you the manager?" "No." "Well I don't want to talk to her, I want to talk to you. How about you give me a free small fry." When I said no, that he'd have to pay for it, he flipped shit. "This is fucking burger king, ok, they make millions of dollars, I'm sure whatever I'd have to pay for a fry is minimal compared to the money they make."

My response? "Sir, I don't make millions of dollars, and I don't want to lose my job just because you feel entitled." Apparently the word "entitled" is his attack command, because he then went on the offensive. He accused me of being racist, that I wouldn't steal him a fry because he was black. Then Kathy came over and he was all nice to her and I promptly disappeared into the office before I could be convicted of any crime.

For the record, I am not racist. I have many friends of different races, religions, whatever. I could fucking care less, I'm pretty much live and let live. But I do get annoyed with the whole "I'm a minority, give me what I feel I'm entitled to, but don't pity me you racist assholes." Sorry, but if you're the epitomy of a stereotype and you're a douchebag to boot, don't you dare fucking play the race card. Oh, and if you can't shell out $1.06 for a fucking french fry, maybe you need to get off your fucking high horse and go get a job.

The man also called me "boo". As in, "Aw, come back here boo, I didn't mean no harm." I didn't know whether to correct his grammar or rip that do rag off his head and strangle him with it. I seriously think I prefer the term "cracker".

Oh and if the whole situation wasn't bad enough, Kathy gave him a free fry because he gave her some kind of sob story. Then before they left they dumped tons of their food on the floor. Guess who had to clean that mess?

Then Kathy came up to me and said, "Well, maybe they'll get indigestion and regret coming here." I not so secretly hope that they get hit by a car. Mean, yes, true, oh yes.

Moral of the story? Don't be a fucking D-bag or you end up in my blog.

sad news

bryce's almost-stepbrother (mom's boyfriend's son) had a fatal over dose on heroin tuesday.

jeff used to work for a magazine company up north somewhere, but moved down here to be near his family and his gf, who he was living with. he recently split up with his gf, and decided to go back to work for the magazine company which is now based in virginia. what they know so far was that jeff called bryce's family to tell them that he made it to VA safely and that he'd call them back in a few minutes because he was going to shower, but he never called.

the police are saying that jeff's roommate came home, heard the shower and took a nap. when he woke up an hour later the shower was still going. so he went to check on jeff but it was too late. he had the syringe for the second hit in his hand but he had over-dosed on the first.

the state police had to inform bryce's family.

bryce's mom and bf left for VA last night to bring jeff's body back. it's going to be a very trying time over the next few weeks. prayers are appreciated.
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consideration in three easy steps

1) if you make plans with someone, keep said plans.

2) if plans change let that person know.

3) if you fail to do both 1 and 2, let the person you flaked on be angry.

all i want is the right to be angry. i waited all night for you and you never showed. don't act like i don't have the right to be angry when these plans were made days ago, especially since you didn't just flake on me but on my friends as well.

part of me really wants to say "fuck you"

thus concludes "consideration in three easy steps"

thank you.
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so not only did i walk into the side of my roommates car the other day (i was distracted by a bunny)

tonight at work, i totally forgot that the step leading into drive thru was there and well....

i'm awesome...you wish you were as cool as me.


brycey-bryce graduated friday night. i couldnt go because i had work. (boo and hiss). they also had their award thingy thursday night. bryce got an education scholarship to BU. woot. and he also very effectively kicked my ass at scrabble...again.

last night i was very drunk. thought i was going to die and to the great amusement of everyone else, couldn't really handle stairs. to which i announced: "why is my bed so fucking far away from the couch??"

oh and coming home from work last night at 1am, it was 98 degrees. how fucking gross is that?
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things you over hear that you really dont want to

Roommate and I were at the buck truck last night having coffee and these truckers decided that they wanted to have a conversation with the entire restaurant. Well they were mostly talking to each other but the entire restaurant could hear.

first they started talking about how gas is $4/gal. no surprise there, but then they started talking about how a bunch of truckers were supposed to go down to D.C. to try to shut the city down in protest of gas prices. how is taking an unnecissary trip, thus needing to buy more gas, a good protest? that's pretty much giving in to what you're protesting. a better protest would be to find some kind of alternative where you don't buy any gasoline for an extended period of time. but yeah, drive to D.C. and protest, then meet at the pump and discuss how well the protest went. awesome.

then the man sitting behind me, whom i never actually saw, said that the solution to all of this country's problems would be for us to shut the entire country down for a day. what exactly would this accomplish? and you can't really shut america down seeing as how it is not a single entity but rather a collective noun used to linguistically describe the entire populace of the country. this man is speaking of this task like america is some kind of machine and all you'd have to do is hit the off switch. i hope he has fun with his endeavor.

then this man started talking about how the one thing that he liked in DC was the world war two memorial and this set him on another tangent with the man across the room, whom i think, though he had very conservative (and blantantly ignorant) views shared a striking resemblance to Weird Al. Man-Sitting-Behind-Me said that he couldn't understand what took them so long to do a memorial for this war when we had finished fighting it in 1945, shouldn't it have been done immediately? To which "Wierd Al" mumbled something about "forgotten heros". I am not an archetect or a historian or whatever other profession is needed for such things, but I do understand the following:
*When it comes to a memorial for something that is a defining moment in history, it will take a long time before an idea can be agreed upon, let alone finalized.
*Funding is a must. If you don't have the funds, it doesn't get built
*Location, public acesss, security etc.
*Time. Rome wasn't built in a day, God created the earth in 6....see where I'm going?
I don't know if this is at all logical, or just some random thought it my head, but WWII was pretty much viewed as a "success" unlike the war in Vietnam, which was seen as a failure. There wasn't really a need to hurry up and do something that validated the loss of life for WWII, because unlike Vietnam it seemed to serve a purpose rather than be all for naught. (Not that I am saying that the Vietnam memorial is less legitemate or had been more hastily planned, but perhaps there was less need to justify it's purpose.)

then Man-Behind-Me said that the next people in office had to look out for the youth, because they were the next generation. (um duh?) to which Weird Al responded, "yeah but the youth doesn't want to work, they all want the $20/hr jobs, they feel like they're entitied to whatever. my son doesn't want to work and he's 20." my thoughts? well perhaps the problem isn't the youth in general, maybe it's just your son. perhaps he's just a lazy moocher, who's father (persay) wasn't the best role model when it came to instilling some work ethic.

then they started bitching about the presidential candidates. Weird Al decided that he didn't want "Billary" (good news, he got his wish). and then some girl said that Obama would get shot on his first day and why couldn't Ron Paul have gotten it. To which my roommate said, "Nader looks better everyday sometimes." Then Weird Al started talking about the last election and how he had been living in florida at the time and all he heard about for an entire year was about how some of the votes were supposedly not counted. hate to break it to him but for an entire year that's what the rest of the country heard about as well. it wasn't exactly an isolated thing.

and this coming election, i think that florida and ohio should vote a day before all the other states, just so that they don't fuck up this time.

so that was my eventful night at the truck stop. and i will leave you with a random quote i heard from a girl sitting in the booth behind me.

"it was a tornado, like hurricane katrina" man behind her mumbles something to which she responds "fuck that man, only if i want to sleep on a cardboard box in the kitchen."

oh and roommate just informed me that she heard the best awful insult ever, i had heard it previously (at houghton of all places) but it needs be shared. roommate was talking about her ex being a bag of douche and a guy responded "oh my god, he's such a twat waffle." my roommate then goes "isn't that a wonderful image? how exactly do you make a twat waffle? and does she ding when she's done?"
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